"You have no idea how much the kids love your program."

-Jack G. (Director of Mill Basin Day Camp)

"As long as I am here, Dayrock will be here."

-Howie K. (Director of Camp Funkist)

"This is the best program we've had here in the last 10 years."

-Sandor T. (Director of Camp Sunrise) 

"The children and staff loved playing all of your awesome instruments."

-Colleen M. (Director of Camp Louemma) 

"You get so much enerygy from watching the kids practicing, it was fantastic..."

-Dwayne T. (Parent of Dayrocker)

"Great program...She was excited everyday when she got home."

-Brandon V.  (Parent of Dayrocker)

"I was kinda nervous at first, but then I got used to it and tried to do my best..."

-Olivia T. (Dayrocker) 

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